Technical Data

No. Function Descriptions Brand Details Remarks
(1) Engines Information Motor boats with an outboard engine have a hull that can be completely cleaned in the machine. The same applies to all types of motorboats where the propulsion/propeller protrudes in the stern, such as water jets, surface drives and foldable stern drives. Improving fuel efficiency Cleaning your boats hull will have an immediate impact on the performance of the boat, improving fuel efficiency and speed The Wash systems clean most of motorboats and sailboats from 6 meters to 16 meters about (53 feet)
(2) A hand-held pressure washer can be used on the stern to remove dirt if it is accessible. The pre- and post-images below indicate which part of the hull the machine can reach and clean. As there are many hull types and individual differences, the results may vary 100% ecological A regular cleaning program will keep your boat free of fouling so that environmentally harmful antifouling paints can be reduced. Drive in, wash, drive out Like for the car, only for the boat. In 15 mints the hull of your boat is clean and you are ready to go
(3) To wash the entire surface of small and medium-sized Boat from 6 meters until 18meter long with TSI 850 Boat Wash System. Simplify boat maintenance Save yourself the effort of scraping, grinding and painting the boat year after year. No more inhaling harmful substances The length of the keel must not exceed 2.3 metres from the waterline to the bottom of the keel.
(4) Choose your type of boat and find out if the hull of your boat can be cleaned. New Brand TSI 890 Also we have new Wash System Equipment will be in Service on 2024. It`s for Boat and Yacht until 80 meters long. The length of the keel itself must not exceed 1.6 metres (from the bottom of the hull to the bottom of the keel)